We asked Dr. Sarah Oreck, a Los Angeles-based reproductive psychiatrist and therapist, to curate a Little Honey Money registry—and we knew she’d come with an inspired list for a new mom’s mental and emotional well-being. As a mother and a doctor who supports women’s mental health through matrescence, Sarah knows what new moms truly need to feel their best during new motherhood. She also knows the pressures women face trying to get all the “right stuff” on their baby registries, but would like for women to know there’s simply no substitute for support in its many forms. Read on for Dr. Sarah Oreck’s registry must-haves—and remember, you can register for all of her items and more with Little Honey Money.

Dr. Sarah Oreck’s Registry Must-Haves


Acupuncture has fantastic benefits when it comes to fertility, pregnancy related medical issues like nausea and can even help reduce stress levels, anxiety and depression. I was lucky enough to have a wonderful acupuncturist who I started working with before conceiving my first child and helped me through severe nausea in the first trimester of both of my pregnancies as well as with overall stress levels. I strongly recommend acupuncture to augment mental health treatments. 


Sleep is medicine. It is especially important for those with underlying mental health issues that can often be exacerbated with sleep deprivation. Help with those late nights can go a long way towards parental wellness. 


Many first-time parents have very little experience with the birth process. This leads to an idealization or fear of the unknown. I am a strong believer in education as a form of empowerment and birth preparation classes can empower parents during their birth experience. 


Nutrition is medicine. While many new parents focus on feeding their newborn, they often forget about the importance of feeding themselves. Healthful choices can also help the body heal after birth and it’s hard to carve out the time to make those choices when the focus is on the baby. 


Mama is still the default parent in most American homes and carries a very heavy visible and invisible load. Any service that can help mom with any of her responsibilities so she can focus on healing after birth and enjoy time bonding with the new baby is an incredible gift.  


Yes, please! The number one complication of childbirth are Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders (PMADs)—also known as postpartum anxiety and depression. Even if you don’t meet criteria for depression or anxiety, matrescence—the birth of a mother—is one of the greatest transformations you may undergo in your entire life and anyone can benefit from dedicated psychological support.  


Let’s add movement to the medicine list. Pregnancy and the postpartum involves significant changes for birthing people and mothers. Mindfulness practices that allow you to move your body as it’s changing can have incredible impacts on mental wellness and health. Physical activity and movement can also prepare the body for birth and decrease birth and postpartum complications.


Matrescence, or the transition to motherhood, is one of the most profound transformations in a woman’s life. Building a community can help ease this transition and contribute to feeling supported as a new mom. 


I’m so excited about Little Honey Money! In my work as a perinatal psychiatrist and therapist, I can’t tell you how much emphasis I see placed on traditional registries and getting all the “right stuff.” Nesting is hugely important in the transition to motherhood but “baby gear” or a “perfect nursery” is no replacement for the services that can truly support new moms. We were not meant to do this alone and Little Honey Money is one step towards building a village of support for new parents.